Alkendesign Marketing and Media is an independent consultancy that caters to the diverse needs of public personalities and small businesses. Thanks to many years of hands-on business experience, we understand how to turn seemingly overwhelming demands into manageable, logically prioritized projects. Specializing in establishing and nurturing client relationships, we strive to deliver immediate value to any organization.


Our linear approach to marketing your brand revolves around the need to create a meaningful connection to your target market. By building an understanding of who your audience is and how your business benefits them, we can work together to create an effective marketing plan.

Services include:

  • Audience review and analysis
  • Campaign planning
  • Materials design and production
  • Internal/external communications
  • Branding/re-branding
  • Public relations
  • Media Sales

    If you're in the business of producing written, audio or video content, monetizing that content takes a lot of time consuming work. By handling your advertiser and sponsor proposals, negotiations and inventory planning, we can lift that weight off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your creativity.

    Services include:

  • Creation of media plans/proposals
  • Client/media contact and negotiations
  • Coordination of deliverables
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Operational Support

    Great marketing needs the backing of solid internal processes and operations. Part of what we do best is the thoughtful examination of what your business needs in this arena. We can then work with you to establish solid, sustainable solutions.

    Services include:

  • Process development and implementation
  • Strategic planning
  • Prioritization
  • Resource assessment and realignment
  • Project management
  • Product/Brand launches
  • Vendor management
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